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Grant Criteria and Important Information: 

United Way's second annual Go All IN day is shaping up to be even bigger than last year. More corporate involvement, more volunteer interest, more organizations setting up June 24th projects to take advantage of some extra helping hands -- an in some cases, some real sweat equity! 

Applications will only be considered for organizations with operating budgets of $1million or less
    • This grant application is intended to get your project up and running (extra tools, supplies, etc.). 
    • Applicants must be from 501c3 organizations in good standing. 
      • For organizations who haven't had a recent financial relationship with UWCI, Proof of exempt status under Internal Revenue Code (“Code”) section 501(c)(3); i.e. Internal Revenue Service Determination Letter, and a completed W-9 (attached on page 4) 
      • All organizations will need to provide proof of insurance (attached on page 5).
    • Funding request maximum is $500 per organization.
    • Funding Period will be June 17 - July 1, 2022 

Volunteers will be recruited and tracked through volunteercentralindiana.org. This website is a resource for registrations and attendance for Go All IN day, but also year-round if you choose to utilize all of its features.

Questions? Email lydia.watson@uwci.org

Application is due May 10, 2022

...but you can submit today. Don't wait till the last minute!


Applicant Details

a copy of the submitted application will be sent to this email address.
Primary Contact for Volunteer Inquires (if different from above)

Organization Details

Organization Primary Address
Questions? Email lydia.watson@uwci.org

Tell us about your Go All IN project!

(amount up to $500)

copy/paste works here

Some tips on getting your project noticed:

Snappy Title - Keep it short. Past project titles that got noticed: Snack Packs for Veterans, Make Children's Masks for Neighborhood Center, Plant a Victory Garden

Introductions - This may be a potential volunteer's first exposure to your org. Share a short blurb about your agency and mission. Many are driven by the mission rather than the actual project.

Expectations - Lay out the tasks that need to be completed and the various roles volunteers may play in completing the project. If you need people to do a minimum of two hours to really make a dent, its best to be upfront about that. If its going to be dirty, tell them to wear old clothes. If you need some people with a special skill, list it!

Benefits - How does the completion of this project help your organization and those you serve? This gives the volunteer an anticipated sense of accomplishment. 

Pictures - Images turn a boring page of text into something people stay and read. Use the attachment feature at the bottom of this page to add some color to your posting. 

The Best Volunteers for your Project

Volunteers may sign up to Go All In Day in company or faith-based groups, or they may be singles.

What shift(s) will be available on June 24th, and what's an ideal number of workers to get your project completed? There is no prescribed number or timing of shifts, please enter whatever works best for you. 
Start Time  End Time  Min # Volunteers  Max # Volunteers 

If your organization is listed as one of the following, you may skip to page 5: 
  • Accredited
  • Provisional Accreditation
  • Social Innovation Funded
  • Accredited & SI Funded 
If not, please complete all fields on this page.

Demographic Snapshot
Please provide an estimate by percentage of those you serve annually by Race: 
Please provide an estimate by percentage of those you serve annually by Ethnicity: 
 Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization 
Primary EFT Contact

Required Attachments

Questions? Email lydia.watson@uwci.org
Help us promote your project!

Verify that you are protecting your Volunteers

Summary & Agreement:

As the authorized representative of the applicant, I hereby certify in good faith as follows:

  • I certify that the applicant is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 
  • I certify that the applicant’s request for funding is limited to purchases of items that will be used for volunteer activities on June 24, 2022. 
  • I certify that the applicant is not engaged in any activity that is illegal under federal, state, or local law. 
  • I certify that the organization will sign up with Hands On Connect and submit the June 2022 volunteer opportunity in the Hands On Connect system. (technical assistance is available)
  • I affirm, under the penalties for perjury, that the information provided in this application and the information provided in all supporting documents and forms is true, complete, and accurate in all material respects. 
  • I certify that I have read the statements included in this application, and I understand them.